NEW WORLD HEALING CENTER is a visionary REPARATION +REMATRIATION +REJUVENTATION project situated on unceded territory of the NARRAGANSETT, commonly referred to as RHODE ISLAND— from which 80% of slave ships leaving the AMERICAN colonies sailed. NEW WORLD HEALING CENTER is an embodied acknowledgement of RHODE ISLAND's fundamental role in the TRIANGLE SLAVE TRADE— a space for those ill-affected by this mass genocide and dislocation to find wholistic (physical +mental +spiritual) HEALING on the very land their ANCESTORS walked.

NEW WORLD HEALING CENTER is a gathering space to envision and embody futurist ideals and technologies— such as anti-racism, renewable energy systems, regenerative agriculture, co-operative ownership, food-as-medicine, universal healthcare, inter-cultural healing rituals, and more.

NEW WORLD HEALING CENTER is an artist residency for BIPOC artists to find personal healing, and to identify +cultivate their role as healers within their community.

NEW WORLD HEALING CENTER is an invaluable point of entry for INDIGENOUS and AFRICAN descended peoples to reclaim, regenerate, and succeed deeded access the vast FOOD, HEALTH, and MOBILITY possibilities of our beautiful and bountiful MOTHER OCEAN.